In our new blog series, Molokini Marketing breaks down the four big challenges manufacturing, engineering and technology businesses face when marketing their products and the secrets to getting it right.

Common Marketing Challenges Facing Manufacturing, Engineering And Technology Businesses – Part 3: Creativity

In previous weeks we’ve looked at budget and how to make sure it’s spent on activities that will actually deliver results, as well as how to avoid a lack lustre marketing campaign through sector knowledge.

This week, we discuss creativity – as an industrial brand it can be easy to compare yourselves to the consumer brands that we see every day and feel that creativity is out of reach or irrelevant for your sector. So, what should you do?

Challenge #3 – Creativity

In our experience, it can be more challenging to come up with not only engaging but also visually stimulating campaigns that are on topic and suitable to an industrial audience. Just because you are an industrial business, doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! So, what do we suggest you do?

Creativity – The Solution

Think outside the box when it comes to making an impact! By applying creativity, the information and message that you wish to get across to your audience can instantly become more engaging.

Our suggestion is to present the human side of your brand story through a creative approach with strong photography.

Images are key. Without images and video, you will find it exceptionally difficult to engage with your audience. That’s why we believe that your first step to communicate your message with your audience should be to invest in good quality photography and video.

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Be sure to look out for the final part of this blog series where we focus on how to keep up with ever-evolving tactics, tools and technologies.