In our new blog series, Molokini Marketing breaks down the four big challenges manufacturing, engineering and technology businesses face when marketing their products and the secrets to getting it right.

The challenge of delivering a brand marketing strategy within your budget is nothing new but where should you focus your spend?

This week, we discuss budget – the challenge of delivering a brand marketing strategy within your budget is nothing new but where should you focus your spend?

Challenge #1 – Budget

With so many more marketing tactics such as SEO, PPC, e-commerce, blogs, infographics and videos to name a few, it can often feel like you need to allocate budget on each marketing channel which seems like a costly proposition!

When it comes to picking just a handful of channels or activities to focus on, it can be really difficult to know which to select. So, what should you do?

Budget – The Solution

The best way to make sure you spend your budget on the marketing activities that will actually deliver results is to ensure you have a really comprehensive understanding of your audience. Nobody knows your audience better than you!

At Molokini Marketing, based in Worthing, West Sussex, we have always conducted in-depth user profiling when developing websites but we are increasingly applying this auditing of customer behaviour across all marketing channels. User profiling considers all of the different customer groups that you may have and looks at why they buy your product or service, what they need it for, what influences them, what frustrates them, whether their values align with yours, how they like to be spoken to and so on.

User profiling will help you understand how you reach your target audience and where you should spend your money!

Getting the message right is one thing but then you have to get it to them via the right channel. For instance – Are they likely to be subscribing to an industry magazine? Are they active on social media? Are they attending any trade shows?

Marketing Agency in Worthing, West Sussex

Established in 2005, the team of experts at Molokini Marketing, based on the South Coast in Worthing, West Sussex can help you to conduct in-depth user profiling to really understand your customers and how best to reach them.

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Be sure to look out for part two of this blog series where we focus on a key ingredient to look for in any marketeer – sector knowledge.