Are Exhibitions and Trade Shows Worth the Cost?

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Trade shows and exhibitions can seem like a significant spend when you factor in the costs for collateral, stand design, travel and everything else in-between.

In this digital age, are trade shows and exhibitions worth the cost? Molokini Marketing explains why a carefully chosen show with the right audience can still offer considerable benefits to your business.

However, even in this digital age, a carefully chosen show with the right audience can still offer considerable benefits to your business.

Get face to face with your target audience

Forget emails and phone calls, face to face remains a great way to build a relationship with potential customers, suppliers and industry contacts. You can’t get a better opportunity to be in front of your target audience than at a show where attendees have time to learn more about your business and are potentially open to sales conversations. Of course, this does vary depending on your sector.

Create, maintain or boost your brand identity

Whether you’re just starting out or are established within your industry, exhibiting gives you the opportunity to show your target audience that you’re a key player in your industry.  Businesses tend to focus on quantifying the success of a show by the number of sales leads, but this should not be the only reason to attend an exhibition.

Even if you don’t get the desired levels of sales whilst you’re at a show, you’ll have gained exposure and had direct conversations with customers which you can learn from – use it as an opportunity for customer research. Who knows when an attendee may be looking for services that you offer and remember seeing you at the show?

Network, network, network!

And not just with attendees but fellow exhibitors too! Trade shows offer a unique opportunity where everyone under one roof is looking develop their business.

Use shows and exhibitions as a chance to re-connect with existing customers at the same time as meeting potential new customers and finding the best new suppliers for your own business.  Also, use this as a chance to connect your contacts to one another – they’ll thank you for the valuable networking opportunity.

Keep up to date with the latest trends

At exhibitions, businesses will be showcasing what they’re currently up to and spreading the word about new product and service launches. Don’t get caught up with being on your stand for the duration of the show. Walk the room, check out your competitors, be inspired and learn from your industry.

Your brand

If you don’t exhibit often, it can be a good reason to take a look at your brand, messaging and approach to the market – websites, brochures, presentations and more can all be refreshed to give your business a new lease of life. This also goes for your database of contacts.

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