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It may seem obvious, but for a successful website design, it’s crucial that you know your user, which is why at Molokini Marketing, based in Worthing, West Sussex, we believe that every great website should start with a conversation and we need to listen.

A successful website design is key for a positive online presence

Think of yourself as the website user

You have to be in the mindset of the user to design a successful website. To do this, user profiling is a great way to understand who might be using a website and what their objectives are. Once you know what a user’s tasks are and what problems they might face, you can then plan a website that makes this as easy as possible.

Website audience

A valve manufacturer’s website would be very different to that of a logistics company website so you need to make sure you know who the website will be aimed at, and what the purpose of the site is. Without acknowledging a current audience, you’re unable to continue to appeal to it, or be able to expand your audience any further.

Make improvements wherever possible

Before you can begin on the design,  you need to know why a new website is needed in the first place. Is it difficult to navigate? Or is this a new website  for a start-up or a new business unit altogether? It’s important to know any current frustrations with a website so that they can be improved. Issues need to be rectified with a new design, otherwise it’s more of a rebrand instead of functional improvements.

Website navigation is key

In order to even begin, you need to know how the current website is being used and what users interactions are with it. From that, you can gather and discuss what’s working, what isn’t and what improvements can be made. There’s no point in designing something aesthetically pleasing if navigation is poor, as navigation is key.

Mobile-friendly website or desktop pc?

A design can completely change depending on whether it needs to be mobile friendly or whether it’s accessed mostly on desktop PCs, so it’s important to know what equipment the website is being accessed on, and audience plays a part in this also. The viewing methods may differ between different genres of website and the age of people viewing them for instance.

Worthing website design agency

Molokini works with you to understand your aims and helps develop solutions to create a robust plan that will deliver a great user experience. From our Worthing, West Sussex based design studio we create stylish, contemporary and inspired designs that are usually mobile first, and will engage with the intended audiences.

Join us for a website workshop session

If you need inspiration or don’t know where to start, contact Molokini about a user discovery workshop, where we will inspire you with ideas to make you perform better online and immerse ourselves in user experience to identify what is really needed.