The impact of voice search on your SEO

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Impact of Voice SearchOver recent years, search abilities have advanced significantly leading to search result enhancements, as well as innovative technology to accommodate mobile based sites and the capability to identify voice searches. It’s been estimated that by 2020, half of all searches carried out will be done by using a voice search.

With these changes and developments happening at such speed, how will this impact on your site’s SEO and what can you do to ensure a smooth transition?

Future-proof optimisation

Where did voice search begin? On mobile devices. Therefore, having a website that is mobile-first in the age of voice search is crucial.

Google has been open about the fact that mobile-first is where they’re heading and things like long load times or the site not looking quite right will result in a higher bounce rate than usual. If your site isn’t up to scratch, it will ultimately suffer.

Worthing web design & development

Website not reaching its full potential?  We can help! If you are thinking about optimising your current site to thrive, or build a new one altogether, we can help! A Molokini built website not only looks great and ensures custom functionality, it will work really well on search engines and is easy to update.

Help improving your SEO?

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