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The Hyster® Rhine Tour, which showcased Hyster® equipment and related solutions in real inland terminal applications along the River Rhine, has concluded. The Rhine Tour welcomed hundreds of guests over four events in four countries.

The Hyster® Rhine Tour, which showcased Hyster® equipment and related solutions in real inland terminal applications along the River Rhine, has concluded.

The Hyster® Rhine Tour illustrated how diverse the challenges and opportunities for inland terminals can be.  As well as demonstrating a wide range of innovative equipment for handling from ship to store, the events focused on a variety of custom options, accessories, attachments and services, including solutions from Hyster® partners.

“Inland terminals are all very different, so it’s vital to not only select the right materials handling equipment, but also the most suitable options beyond the trucks themselves,” says Mark Nailer, Industry Manager for Hyster Europe.  “Many of the diverse options showcased at the events can be applied across various types of trucks in many different industries to help maximise efficiency and maintain a low cost of operation.”

Awareness systems

Demonstrations at the Hyster® Rhine Tour showed how cameras, such as those from partner Orlaco, can help optimise visibility on any kind of truck. Whether used on a ReachStacker in a port, or a Reach Truck in a warehouse, cameras can support awareness, efficiency and damage reduction – in turn minimising costs.

Another option presented for increased awareness, included the Radar Eye active detection system, which uses an alarm to alert drivers to obstacles.

“Pedestrian awareness lights can also assist the driver when cornering or travelling in busy environments,” explains Mark, “Plus, the speed limit system we presented can help protect operators, and their colleagues, with an optional roof detector to manage different speeds indoors and outdoors.”

Reducing risk

Many terminals will have a requirement to handle flammable cargo, such as chemicals, beverages and waste. Operations handling these types of loads will usually include ‘Zone 2’ areas with potentially explosive atmospheres, as well as nearby ‘safe’ areas, where combustible gases and vapours may still pose a risk of ignition.  Explosion protection conversions and solutions, such as those from Hyster® partner Pyroban, are available to help manage explosion risk in any application.

As the risk of vehicle fires is also an important consideration, the Hyster® Rhine Tour also showed DAFO fire suppression systems, which automatically and quickly extinguish vehicle fires, helping reduce both the consequences of a fire and the impact on investment.

Attachments and accessories

For applications, such as inland terminals, which may need to handle many different types of loads, the right choice of attachment is essential for efficiency. The Rhine Tour demonstrated how attachments, including the Meyer Double Pallet Handler and Bolzoni Container Rotator, help Hyster® lift trucks meet varied and changing needs.  Hyster® ReachStackers also benefit from a quick disconnect feature, making it easy to swap between handling containers and other types of loads.

“At the Rhine Tour, we were keen to present a wide range of new solutions and innovations beyond materials handling equipment,” says Mark. “That’s why the events incorporated complementary equipment, such as Houcon ramps for simple container stuffing, and the unique Cakeboxx two-piece “deck and lid” shipping container.”

Truck maintenance

Reducing tyre wear is key for maintaining a low cost of ownership in gritty container and cargo handling environments, such as those handling construction materials. At the Rhine Tour, Continental Tyres were seen on Hyster ReachStackers and Empty Container Handlers, demonstrating one of the options for robust, factory installed tyres that can help reduce tyre maintenance.

The Hyster stabiliser can further reduce tyre wear. Shown on a Hyster ReachStacker at the Rhine Tour, this patented design improves side stability by placing 25% of the load weight on to the front axle and places less weight on the rear axle, which in turn improves tyre life.

“It is as important to equip trucks with the right ‘ingredients’ inside, as on the exterior,” says Mark. “We exclusively recommend Shell oils and lubricants for Hyster® trucks and were pleased to recently announce that Hyster® Big Trucks now have extended hydraulic oil change intervals with Shell LubeAnalyst, helping to enhance uptime and reduce total cost of ownership.”

In any industry application, management of hydraulic oils plays an important role in decreasing fuel consumption and supporting the reliability of attachments used.

Managing costs and efficiency

In a busy inland terminal, handling loads efficiently and completing tasks within operating hours is key.  The Hyster Tracker telematics system is one way that terminals, and other industry operations, can gain insights into truck performance and utilisation to help optimise space, fleet usage and uptime, and manage maintenance requirements and costs.

Another important consideration for expanding applications is financing the right selection of materials handling equipment. Hyster Financial Services operates in more than 30 countries supported by key financial partners. At the Rhine Tour, businesses had the opportunity to discuss their finance needs, as well as the most beneficial acquisition route for financing their equipment, with Hyster Financial Services partner DLL.

Furthermore, cost-effective logistics solutions and a choice of flexible transportation methods are both of great importance when managing supply chain costs.

“During the Rhine Tour, we experienced first-hand the real-life challenges of loading and unloading a barge!” says Mark. “However, we were ably supported throughout by our partner CEVA Logistics in transporting our large machinery to different countries through various modes of transport.”

Intelligent design and customisation

“No matter what the size of the truck or the application, we are always considering which choices and options could best meet the specific operational challenges,” says Mark. “So, at the Rhine Tour we showed everything from an S1.6IL pedestrian stacker truck – which can be equipped with a Thin Plate Pure Lead NexSys battery from our partner Enersys – to a Hyster® RS46 ReachStacker.”

One Hyster® ReachStacker on show featured an optional soft landing and soft touch system which has been intelligently designed to minimise the risk of peak noise in an inland terminal, which may be in a confined area.  Visitors also saw spreader options from ELME with varied features to suit different applications, such as lifting eyes for ReachStacker spreaders, and a spreader with intermodal handling legs that enable the operator to pick up a complete trailer.

“An important part of the Hyster® Rhine Tour was demonstrating why partnership with expert solution providers and advice from experienced Hyster® dealers is vital,” says Mark. “Only with this complete approach can applications in inland terminals, or any other industry, meet their diverse challenges, control operational costs and improve efficiencies.”

For more information about the extensive range of Hyster® equipment for ports, terminals and other demanding applications showcased at the Rhine Tour and other solutions for tough handling challenges, visit or contact your local Hyster® distribution partner.