RTITB to Launch New Forklift Operator ID eCards

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RTITB eCardRTITB will become the first accrediting body to issue lift truck operators with electronic ID cards, as opposed to physical photo ID Cards, starting from 12 July. Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) operator ID cards are important as they help to quickly identify the operator and ensure the person named on the training certificate is one and the same.

“We are committed to improving the safety of everyone in the supply chain,” explains Laura Nelson, Managing Director for RTITB. “So, just like our existing physical National Operator Registration Scheme or ‘NORS’ ID card, the new electronic eCard shows employers that an operator has received the required training and obtained the necessary qualification to support safe operating practices.”

“During the pandemic there was huge demand for lift truck operators, and businesses had a need to get qualified operators up and running quickly and safely,” says Laura. “Whatever happens going forward, the new eCards will help speed things up, thanks to an average four-hour delivery time and our ability to dispatch them anytime, even during a national lockdown.”

From 12 July, on successful completion of RTITB Counterbalance Lift Truck Operator training, or similar courses, the training provider will be issued with a link to the eCard via email. For data security reasons, a separate email will go to the employer or operator with a code to access and download the ID card. This means that if the training provider sends the email to the wrong person, no personal data is compromised.

“We are also very aware that these are difficult times for many businesses, so the new eCard allows us to reduce the cost of ID cards, with the added benefit of Covid-safe fast delivery as well as being more environmentally-friendly,” says Laura. “This change will help prevent pollution by reducing the amount of new raw materials used, as well as saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions”.

Operators can use either an Apple or Android smartphone to save the card to their preferred digital wallet (Apple Wallet or Google Pay), and view, save, and print a PDF version of their card if they wish. A PDF eCertificate will also be an option for those without a smartphone.  Once an operator has been issued with their RTITB eCard, any subsequent new or updated qualifications will be added to their card.

To help employers, training providers, and operators transition to eCards, RTITB will provide full support in the set-up, providing helpful guidance documents and videos.

Information on the eCard will include the operator’s photo, name, and RTITB registration number, logos for RTITB and the Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) logo, ABA truck code, where applicable plus the training provider’s name and website address. The course title and a QR code to easily verify operator qualifications will also be included.

“Also, with safety and infection control bound to remain a priority for the supply chain long after restrictions are eased, the eCards reduce contact points, while offering a secure, easy to update, and robust system that helps employers ensure only correctly qualified operators are using a lift truck,” says Laura.

The new RTITB eCard is the latest digital transformation for RTITB, following the launch of a wide range of innovative eLearning solutions and the unique MyRTITB TrainingFriend android app, which enables lift truck operator testing to be 100% paperless, while improving operator testing standards and training record compliance. RTITB also recently switched most of its Training Materials to USB, instead of hard copy and is working towards all training materials going digital, instead of being on paper.

These new digital options are developed with the environment front of mind. The eCard will help reduce the use of single use plastic, just as the other solutions help remove unnecessary paper usage from training and administration.

For more information about the new lift truck operator eCards, please contact us on solutions@rtitb.com or +44 (0)1952 520200 or visit www.rtitb.com.