RTITB Begins Roll-Out of Changes to Modernise Lift Truck Instructor Course

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RTITB, the leading accrediting body for workplace transport training, has changed the pre-course requirements for attending its Lift Truck Instructor course. RTITB has also confirmed that further changes are ahead. A modernised Lift Truck Instructor course is in development, which will better cater to the different generations in the workplace. 

RTITB Begins Roll Out of Changes to Modernise Lift Truck Instructor Course 600x400 1The new RTITB Lift Truck Instructor eligibility criteria will be in effect from 1st January 2023, with the course updates to follow. This is the first significant change to the Lift Truck Instructor course from any accrediting body in several years.  

To ensure up to date knowledge, candidates will now be required to have completed the RTITB eTruck UK lift truck theory eLearning course prior to starting Lift Truck Instructor training. This is part of a ‘flipped classroom’ approach that will be introduced for some elements. This will allow candidates to study at home. Then use valuable classroom time for discussions, to ask key questions, develop problem solving skills, and build confidence.  

The new approach gives candidates more control of their own learning. While starting theory training before contact time with the Instructor also promotes more active learning. The revised requirements apply for novice, re-registration, and conversion candidates and will also help standardise the level of knowledge that candidates arrive with. 

“Our aim is to help candidates genuinely learn to instruct well, and to leave an RTITB Instructor course with confidence,” explains Laura Nelson, Managing Director for RTITB. “By introducing the new criteria, we want to improve Instructor knowledge so that organisations know that when they choose an RTITB Instructor, they can be assured that the person has the required legislative and safety knowledge.” 

“We are always looking for new ways to do things that we know will help raise standards and move the industry forward,” Laura continues. “Using technology in training also helps promote the digital skills that are essential today.” 

In the course reform, a new ‘direct transfer’ conversion option will also be introduced for Lift Truck Instructor training candidates that are currently registered with another Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) member.  

This allows Instructors to complete a detailed online assessment covering key areas of skill and knowledge. Successful completion of this assessment will enable candidates to convert their qualification without attending a three or five-day conversion course.   

“Demand for Instructors is higher than ever, and that’s a big challenge across the industry,” says Laura. “We understand that businesses cannot afford to lose three to five days of Instructors’ time for conversion courses. So we’re providing a more flexible approach where it is needed.” 

As part of the changes, the Operating Test completed by all candidates on the first day of the course will become the ‘Advanced Operational Competence Test’. Effective 1st January 2023, it will consist of a pre-use test and practical skills test. Instructor candidates must pass the practical skills test element with no more than 25 penalty points.  

“These eligibility and test changes are the just the start of RTITB’s mission to modernise lift truck Instructor training. Our ultimate aim is to offer a course that has cross-generational appeal, and utilises the most modern, relevant learning approaches” says Laura. “This will play a part in addressing and alleviating the shortage of Lift Truck Instructors”. 

The new course, which will launch later in 2023, will feature a new syllabus and different assessment methods.  

To learn more visit www.rtitb.com, contact solutions@rtitb.com or call +44 (0)1952 520200.  

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