A Seamless Microsite Solution for Savills IM

In the fast-paced world of real estate investment, Savills Investment Management knew they needed a fresh way to share their insights. With their Outlook 2024 report coming up, they turned to us at Molokini Marketing to create a microsite that would elevate their online presence and make it easy for users to explore their insights.

In the world of real estate investment management, Savills Investment Management recognised the need for a forward-thinking approach to share their insights. With their Outlook 2024 report on the horizon, they approached us at Molokini Marketing to craft a microsite that would redefine their online presence and provide a user-friendly experience.

Solving Technical Challenges

Savills previous online reports were hindered by limitations of the platform. The existing solution, embedded as an iframe under a single URL, posed usability and site tracking challenges, meaning that sharing article pages externally or across social, wasn’t possible. Plus the ability to update and maintain the site were cumbersome.

WordPress Expertise in Action

Savills came to us because they knew we’re the go-to WordPress experts, especially when it comes to working with existing designs that meet brand guidelines.

They had their site designs ready, and we worked alongside them, adding our development knowledge and expertise to make everything come alive – including multiple integrated video banners.

We teamed up closely with Savills, offering our advice and support every step of the way.

This collaborative spirit ensured that the Savills IM microsite worked smoothly and looked great on desktop, mobile, and tablet.


Savills logo

Key Solutions and Benefits:

  1. Link Sharing: We made it easy for Savills to share individual article links externally and via social, pointing back to their microsite. Now, each piece of insight can shine on its own, making the report more accessible to everyone.
  2. Updates and Maintenance: With WordPress, Savills can effortlessly keep their microsite up-to-date themselves. They have full control, allowing them to make quick and easy updates whenever they need and coming to us should further development be required.
  3. Collaboration: Our close partnership with Savills allowed us to seamlessly blend their design vision with our WordPress development skills. They brought the design; we brought it to life.
  4. Responsive Design Support: Understanding the need for accessibility, we ensured the microsite looks and works great on desktops, mobiles, and tablets. We provided advice and support on how best to keep everything running smoothly across all devices.
  5. Video Integration: To keep things engaging without slowing down the site, we embedded videos from Vimeo directly into the microsite. This way, viewers enjoy a smooth experience without any extra load on the site.
Savills website in mobile preview

A Transformative Microsite Experience

Working together, Savills IM and Molokini Marketing created a microsite that exceeded all expectations. The Outlook 2024 report now has a digital home that perfectly reflects Savills’ dedication to excellence and innovation.

This project is a great example of how strategic collaboration and a custom WordPress solution can achieve remarkable results.