New Space-saving Hyster® Fortens™ for 7 and 8 Tonne Lifts

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Hyster Europe has extended its Fortens™ lift truck series with new highly manoeuvrable, space-saving forklifts that lift up to 8-tonnes. At the same time, trucks across the whole H6.0-8.0FT range have received several key updates.

NEW SPACE SAVING HYSTER FORTENS FOR 7 AND 8 TONNE LIFTS 1 scaled 1New space saving lift trucks

Hyster has introduced the new H7.0FTS and H7.0FTS9 space-saving models which lift up to 7-tonnes with 600mm and 900mm load centres respectively, alongside the new H8.0FTS with an 8-tonne lift capacity and 600mm load centre.

“Thanks to the intelligently designed counterweight, the three new model variants offer a high level of stability and the same lift capacity as a standard truck, but are up to 327mm shorter,” says Veronica Grasso, Product Manager for Hyster Europe. “The new compact trucks deliver optimal manoeuvrability for operations where space is at a premium.”

“All the new space-saving models also include a Turn Assist System as standard,” she continues. “By locking inside the drive tyre at full steer angles, this mechanism delivers a minimal internal turning radius and helps provide up to 528mm more aisle width space.”

A single drive tyre option with narrow carriage is also available for those operations looking to further optimise space, while all the truck models come with a choice of power options, transmissions and hydraulic controls to best meet the needs of the specific application.

The shorter truck length is achieved partly by having a taller counterweight. For visibility purposes, the new compact trucks include a standard rear-view mirror, and also offer an optional counterweight mounted rear-view camera with LCD display.

High visibility across the range

“The combination of camera and display offers a superb range of vision during reverse travel,” says Veronica. “However, to optimise overall visibility, the whole H6.0-80T range has been updated with high-visibility two and three stage mast designs.”

The new mast features a mast window that has increased in both height and width with cylinders positioned at the sides to give operators optimised visibility of the forks and the load. The new mast enables lift heights up to 6565mm to be achieved.

Stage V engine updates

The extended Hyster® H6.0-8.0 truck series also features updated diesel engines. Alongside the Stage V compliant Kubota 3.8L 55kW diesel engine, a Stage V compliant 82kW version is now available for European and regulated markets. This not only helps regulate emissions but can offer increased travel and hoist speeds, compared to the previous 78kW engine.

For non-regulated countries, a non-certified Kubota 3.8L 82kW version is available, alongside the current non-certified Kubota 3.6L 62kW mechanical diesel engine.

LPG engines are also available across the range for all markets.

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