New RTITB MHE Instructor Development Days provide vital professional development

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RTITB has launched Instructor Development Days, a new training and development opportunity open to all materials handling equipment (MHE) Instructors. The one-day sessions support Instructor career development, helping employers retain talent. They also help Instructors maintain high operator training standards. This promotes greater operational safety and efficiency.

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“Our Instructor Development Days help companies demonstrate commitment to professional development. This can encourage staff retention and loyalty. Particularly important given the shortage of Lift Truck Instructors,” explains Laura Nelson, Managing Director for RTITB. “The sessions also enable employers to showcase they are invested in training their Instructors. This can be attractive to potential recruits.”

Instructor Development Days take place over a single day at the customer’s own site. And are open to all MHE Instructors, not only those who are RTITB registered. The course can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific company. Or to focus on particular challenges. However, it covers a diverse range of subjects. This aims to broaden an Instructor’s knowledge and help improve their teaching techniques.

All accrediting bodies, including RTITB, have a five-yearly refresher timeframe for Instructors. The Instructor Development Days have been developed to ensure that Instructors are in a strong position when their qualification renewal comes up.

“Often Instructors won’t do any CPD during that five-year period, so skills fade and bad habits become ingrained. They may also be unaware of changes to regulations and best practice. Or not know of recent incidents and new learnings the industry can take from them,” Laura explains. “This has a knock-on impact on operation-wide safety and productivity. Poor Instructors train operators poorly.”

An RTITB Instructor Development Day will help improve training standards, by covering core topics such as standard methods for Basic Operating Skills Tests. Plus, relevant changes to regulations and legislation to support compliance.

The Development Day syllabus also considers the changing challenges Instructors face. For example, the session can cover managing unconscious bias, neurodiversity, fatigue, and stress.

“Instructors perform an essential role, training operators with the skills and knowledge they need to keep operations safe. So, it is vital that Instructors are up to date with new learnings, methods, and best practice,” says Laura.

“In just a day, we can help Instructors to enhance their skills, add value to their training programmes, and continue to deliver exceptional results,” she adds.

Up to eight  Instructors may attend an RTITB Instructor Development Day at the customer’s site. Prices start from £1335+VAT per course.

For more information, or to secure dates for your Instructor Development Day, contact RTITB – email or call +44 (0)1952 520200.