New Hyster® whitepaper explores industrial forklift trends

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Hyster has published a new whitepaper exploring the factors influencing forklift selection across tough industries.


The new eBook, titled ‘Top Trends Influencing Your Industrial Forklift Selection’, considers how the needs of different stakeholders across a demanding materials handling operation may drive lift truck specification.

“With a challenging labour market, the voice of the operator is louder than ever. Selecting lift trucks that deliver on comfort, intuitive use, and visibility for the operator is becoming an essential,” says Robert O’Donoghue, VP Marketing and Solutions EMEA for Hyster. “In the harshest environments, ergonomics plays an important role in keeping operators happy and productive. This is one of the reasons why it is such a focus of our flagship Hyster¨ A Series forklifts.”

The H2.0-3.5A Hyster forklift, for lifts up to 3.5 tonnes, is ergonomically optimised to provide the most comfortable working environment for the operator. The spacious operator cabin is specifically engineered to emphasise overhead, forward, and rear visibility and give the operator greater freedom of movement, enhanced comfort in the compartment, and ways of working which minimise physical strain.

“To match the right trucks to an industrial application, it’s also important to consider the needs of operations and service managers, and the purchasing manager’s potential pain points,” Robert continues. “Those in different roles will have a different view of what is needed when it comes to materials handling equipment, and this can vary across industries too.”

The Hyster whitepaper contemplates some of the different lift truck requirements that exist in industrial applications, highlighting specific considerations for the wood, metals, construction, chemicals, and plastics manufacturing sectors.

“Every application has demands related to the challenging conditions under which material handling equipment must operate, from difficult loads to hazardous environments,” says Robert. “This makes having the opportunity to ‘fine tune’ your forklift fleet incredibly valuable.”

The Hyster A Series lift trucks are addressing a wide range of industry needs. The forklifts are created with A+ Logic, a series of adjustable features to configure the truck to specific requirements.  On a dependable Hyster foundation, features can be added to match an organisation’s priorities. Such as optimising the ergonomic environment for operators for specific applications, taking on challenging loads, or maximising fuel efficiencies.

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