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Hyster Europe has launched three new “lithium-ion ready” Platform Pallet Truck models, ideal for maximising productivity in intense industry applications.

“Whether it’s cross docking, loading and unloading trailers or order picking in the warehouse, the new Hyster® Platform Pallet Trucks get the job done.” says Monica Radavelli, Product Manager – Warehouse, for Hyster Europe. “Capable of lifting up to 3 tonnes, these dependable Pallet Trucks are equally suited to tough dockside conditions.”

The new series includes the P2.0S, P2.5S and P3.0S models and replaces the current P2.0S truck. They feature an updated fork design, a robust base frame, steel battery cover and improved ground clearance of pull rods. For the operator, the new models are available with either a folding platform and new side arms, or a fixed platform with new side, or rear, protection design.

“In many operations space is at a premium, so models with a foldable, rather than fixed, platform are a popular choice and support manoeuvrability in narrow aisle widths or congested areas,” explains Monica. “Other applications may want to optimise productivity by specifying a truck with longer forks, allowing transportation of two pallets per journey, or more, if handled crossways.”

Meanwhile, competitive travel speeds and a range of different driving modes support operational productivity, with a choice of fixed or adjustable tiller further supporting operators of the trucks with a foldable platform. Adjustable scooter control is also available for fixed platform models.

The truck itself is designed to be ‘lithium-ion ready’, with a controller that automatically recognises the chemistry of the battery (lithium-ion vs. lead-acid) so there is no need to change any parameters to enable effective battery management if lithium-ion suits the application. Top and side battery charging options are available.

The new Hyster® Platform Pallet Trucks can be further customised with an extended range of innovative options available. Depending on the specific model, these may include a coasting function, Hyster Intelligent Lift™, soft lowering, a foot sensor, key or keypad access, a cold store option, and a range of lights. A choice of two fork heights – 85mm and 75mm – enables handling of both standard and low-profile disposable pallets, and a variety of fork lengths up to 2850 mm are available.

The new Platform Pallet Truck series is built with the same level of toughness and reliability found across the wide range of Hyster® warehouse equipment.  Heavy-duty components and a reliable electrical system contribute to a low cost of ownership, while ease of service access and diagnostics helps maximise truck uptime. Responsive support is offered via the global network of trusted local Hyster® distribution partners.

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