New Hyster® A Series Lift Trucks Scale to Industry Challenges

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Businesses can now easily fine-tune a forklift to match their specific industry and application needs with the new scalable Hyster® A Series lift truck series.

With A+ Logic, the Hyster lift trucks can be configured with a range of features to help overcome common materials handling challenges across industry, while delivering a low total cost of ownership.


Tough solutions for construction materials handling

“For example, in construction materials applications, lift trucks will often be used outside in dirty or dusty environments with poor ground conditions,” says Robert O’Donoghue, VP Marketing and Solutions EMEA for Hyster. “A+ Logic with the Hyster A Series lift trucks offers several adjustable features that can help optimise trucks everywhere, from concrete manufacturing operations to those handling bricks and blocks.”

Dust can result in wear to parts and components. The Hyster A Series features sealed electrical connectors to help manage this but selecting oil-immersed brakes, tilt cylinder boots, and mud guards may provide some applications with additional support. Heavy-duty air intake can also help reduce service intervention requirements.

Where debris is an issue, on-demand cooling includes a reversing fan feature to blow debris out of the engine bay, helping to minimise radiator and engine bay cleaning.  Debris on the floor can also be tackled by choosing a belly screen option and string cutter, helping to optimise uptime.

The Hyster A Series also provides a 2-year / 4000-hour warranty as standard in regulated EMEA markets, giving tough applications peace of mind.

Optimising driver awareness in metal goods applications

“In finished metal goods applications, lift trucks will typically be operating indoors in production areas and warehouses,” says Robert. “In this environment, noise and other distractions can often represent a risk, especially if the truck is working in the vicinity of pedestrians.”

For these applications, a Hyster A Series lift truck can be built with features to support driver awareness. For instance, blue and red spotlights, red line awareness lights, and/or a visible alarm can be chosen to help indicate to pedestrians where a truck is, and that it is moving or working.

The Hyster A Series lift trucks also offer excellent all-round visibility, giving operators the ability to see their surroundings quickly and clearly. With a new mast design, the A series provides through-mast visibility to help improve awareness of the environment. Configurations with a cabin can also benefit from a high-strength laminated glass roof for an unobstructed upwards view. The truck can also be fine-tuned with mirror and camera options to meet application-specific needs.

The mast design also provides excellent fork tip visibility when handling loads, and a fork laser level line can help increase visibility and productivity further.

Operator comfort in wood distribution centres

Timber storage and distribution centres will commonly comprise in/out operations. For example, unloading a trailer parked in a yard and bringing the load inside, or moving loads from one building to another across a yard or outdoor area.

“To maximise comfort for operators, wood applications can opt for their truck to be built with a suitable cabin option for hot or cold climates. For instance, a full weather-proof cabin may help keep operators comfortable and productive in outdoor areas in colder or wetter climates,” says Robert.

Full cab options include front, top, and rear screens as well as wipers and steel side doors, plus heating, air conditioning, or heated screen options. Sunshades can also be selected with A+ Logic.

Finally, to help meet environmental objectives in many different applications, the new Hyster A Series lift trucks also help deliver reduced emissions, leading to lower costs.  The H2.0-3.5A diesel trucks consume up to 13% less diesel than leading competitor models, and LPG trucks use up to 9% less fuel.

New Hyster A Series – available now

The first ‘Distinctly Hyster, built for you’ models available in the A Series are the H2.0-3.5A IC lift trucks, for handling loads up to 3.5 tonnes.

Order Hyster H2.0-3.5A lift trucks now from a local Hyster distribution partner or visit to learn more.

See the A Series during an Extreme Environmental Conditions Test in Germany in this video