New Cab Launches for Hyster® Big Trucks

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Hyster Company is rolling out a new cabin and controls on its Big Truck range. The industry leading design will first be available on new 8 to 18 tonne capacity Hyster® H8-18XD lift trucks.

“We have made the best lift truck cab in the industry even better,” says Chris van de Werdt for Hyster Europe. “For many years, the Vista cabin on our Big Truck range was considered the leading cabin design with around 20,000 units shipped. The latest cabin sets high industry standards.”

To make work even easier for operators, the new Hyster® cabin provides a “cockpit-style” workplace, positioning all truck information and controls at the driver’s fingertips. The high-quality interior finish features a seven-inch touch screen display complemented with rotary button controls on the armrest, while low in-cab noise levels also help drivers to keep concentration during long shifts.

“Operators can expect to be comfortable all day long in the spacious cabin due to the seating design and large floor space, as well as heating and ventilation options to suit the climate,” Chris says. “A comfortable operator is a productive operator whether handling steel in the heat of the summer or empty containers in the icy Scandinavian winter.”

“For instance, there is a quick de-misting function for fast start of your operations even during cold/wet weather conditions,” Chris continues. “Or with climate control, direct airflow onto the operator helps provide extra comfort and cools the cab down quickly.”

Thanks to an adjustable control arm that includes a wrist cushion and Touchpoint mini levers (or ergonomic Joystick option), operators will experience optimal comfort and reduced fatigue when operating the hydraulics, even in tough applications. A forward/reverse switch is also available on the control arm / joystick to further simplify the operation.

The cab offers excellent all-round visibility with curved front- and rear windows, armoured glass top window and toughened glass doors, with a slimline steel frame. All glass is scratch-resistant. To achieve the best visibility of the fork tips, a unique lateral sliding seat enables the operator to change the line of sight, while the dashboard does not limit visibility in the front of the cabin.

“With the new cabin, operators can lift high with minimal obstruction to visibility due to the tall front window and full glass panel overhead,” Chris says. “The cab is designed for excellent visibility during driving, reversing and manoeuvring.”

With the largest doors in the industry and class-leading headspace, operators can also get in and out of the cab easily, even when wearing a hardhat.

“There are so many features and options to suit each application. At night for example, the display can automatically dim for less distraction and the control arm panels all have back light options, so the switches illuminate when active or an option is present,” Chris explains.

Automatic Truck Shutdown functions are available to save energy when operations are paused. Lights can also be included in the shut off in order to prevent battery-drain. Other customisation options include the monotrol pedal, optional trainer seat, automatic park brake, blue LED Pedestrian Awareness Light, load weight and height indication, tyre pressure monitoring system, telematics and more.

The new cabin has been introduced on the new H8-12XD6 / H190-280XD, H13-16XD6 / H300-360XD, H6-7XDEC3/4 / H150XD-EC4, H16XD9/12 / H210-250XD48 and H18XD7.5/9 / H360-36/48XD trucks series’. These replace the current Hyster® H8-16XM range and provide a choice of 14 models in total, including lift trucks and empty container handlers.

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