Molokini business continuity and Coronavirus – UPDATES

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UPDATE 19th March: Molokini has taken the decision to switch the operation to remote working. Our aim is to minimise the risk of transmission within the workplace and we have limited face-to-face meetings to video calls where required.  We expect the level of service to remain the same as we continue to support customers in a range of communications activities.

The Molokini team was already experienced in remote working long before these events occurred, so with minimal disruption, we continue to be right by the side of all our customers during this challenging time.

UPDATE 11th March: Understandably, we’ve had a lot of questions recently regarding business continuity in light of the current situation relating to Coronavirus in the UK.

Molokini is following government advice on the virus and as such, is currently fully operational.

In the event of self-isolation, our team is already set up to be able to operate remotely to deliver our full range of web, PR and digital marketing services as normal.

If there is an illness, we do not anticipate the whole team to be out of action at once and can cover each other’s work where needed. This is similar to any other winter season.

For websites where we manage hosting, we have also contacted our providers to ensure that they have appropriate safeguards in place.

We will continue to follow NHS and government advice as the situation develops.

We will, of course, ensure that we keep all of our customers fully up to date should anything change.