Mantra Learning Provides Covid-Secure Forklift Training with eTruck UK

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Mantra Learning is now delivering Novice Lift Truck Operator theory training online thanks to a new tool from RTITB. eTruck UK is an eLearning tool that ensures Instructors and Operators are safe, with Covid-secure theory courses that do not need to take place in a classroom.

Mantra Learning Provides Covid Secure Forklift Training with eTruck UK 300x200 1As an RTITB Accredited Partner, when the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown began, Mantra was able to quickly acquire training licenses for eTruck UK from RTITB, so that disruption to Novice Lift Truck Operator training was minimised.

By using eTruck, Mantra was able to continue to deliver Lift Truck theory training, but with no risk of infection or social distancing challenges to overcome. This was important as Novice Lift Truck Operator training accounts for around 30% of the Mantra Learning’s training business, usually in a classroom.

eTruck, which is available in the UK and Ireland only from RTITB, is a completely unique digital storytelling tool for forklift theory training. Candidates learn online by following a story that tackles real issues relating to lift truck operation and safety and is designed to create real behaviour change, looking at the reasons behind operator behaviour as well as the relevant theory. With eTruck, learners can complete the training at their own pace, anywhere and anytime they can get online.

“Through an engaging and memorable training experience, eTruck increases training effectiveness, helping learners to retain information and become better prepared for the workplace,” explains Laura Nelson, Managing Director for RTITB, the UK’s leading workplace transport training accrediting body. “For novice operators, eTruck can also reduce training time. It can typically reduce what would be a 5-day operator training course down to just 3 days, freeing up Instructors’ time.”

As learners could prepare for practical training online, time required on site at Mantra’s training centres can be significantly reduced overall. During Covid-19, this was important for improving candidate safety. Mantra’s Instructors also had extra capacity to deliver practical lift truck training. This helped training delivery from falling too far behind schedule, even though courses could initially only be delivered on a 1:1 basis for safety reasons.

Mantra’s team of 10 Instructors all completed eTruck themselves as refresher training, as well as to experience the benefits first-hand. Further guidance was available from RTITB over the phone wherever needed. The eTruck system is also designed to support Instructors, providing detailed progress and performance information for each candidate, ensuring they can cater to trainees’ strengths and weaknesses in practical training.

“Our Instructors quickly felt confident to provide learners with briefing on how to use the system, and do so as standard before the training begins,” explains Danny Conlon, Logistics Manager for Mantra Learning. “Learners have so far unanimously found the modern training tool to be user friendly and have fed back that completing the theory training online helped improve their motivation and focus, with their time in the training centre completely devoted to practical learning.”

Aside from the coronavirus situation, eTruck has helped Mantra to make forklift training more accessible, especially to those who are completing learning around work commitments. As the number of days required to attend a training centre is reduced, this also makes course attendance more affordable to those participating in training via the Job Gym, through which Mantra Learning delivers government funded training courses to help people gain employment.

“I would recommend eTruck to other training providers because it reduces pain points for customers and provides a better overall experience. Plus, the comic strip style makes it a much more modern way to learn,” says Danny.

He continues “Although we’re still planning some parts of our future operations, in the long term eTruck is a definite ‘keep’ and something that we will be maintaining post Covid-19. Simply because of the efficiencies and improvements to the learner’s experience.”

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