Luxury Brands: The Crucial Role Social Media Plays

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By nature, luxury brands create a distance between the brand and their customers, generating the elusive aura and scarcity that rationalises the price tag.  So, though it’s all too easy to assume that the luxury brand persona doesn’t exactly mesh with social media, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Here are just a few ways that luxury brands can benefit from an active social media presence…

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Customer Research & Improved Targeting

Social media is the ideal platform for testing and discovery.  Social media provides a wealth of insight that often gets overlooked.  Carefully monitoring and analysing the conversations that your target audience is having online provides a perfect opportunity for tapping into customer likes (and dislikes) and what’s being talked about in the social sphere – allowing you to better understand the topics and angles that are important and using those to connect with the right audience.

Social Sharing

It’s crucial to direct and amplify social media shares that interact with your brand.  There’s an army of fans out there, and they want to be involved in your world.  With 80 million photos a day being shared on Instagram alone, not taking advantage of this opportunity to leverage the content your fans are creating would be a real lost opportunity.  Not only does customer interaction result in better engagement overall, it also capitalises on trends and other viral content that is already in circulation – leaving you in the limelight.

The More Visual the Content, the Better the Visibility

The type of media you choose to share directly effects fan engagement, or lack thereof.  In the case of luxury brands, it goes without saying that a visual medium is imperative – and the most compelling content will always have a visual component.

Fortunately, luxury brands are not wanting for good visual content.  Between the quality of the photography, the stunning logos and eye-catching designs – it’s not hard to find an image that will engage, so make use of them.

Stay Relevant

Many luxury brands worry that using social media will destroy their aura of distinction and devalue the brand, but in today’s world, you can’t choose to opt out.  Social channels are open to everyone. If you’re not representing your brand on those channels, somebody else will be doing it for you – for better or worse.

Through understanding your audience and the things that make them tick, sharing and engaging in your own brand story with others and creating unforgettable (and more importantly ‘shareable’) content, you will build a solid brand identity that stands the test of time.

Keep in mind however, that the aforementioned is only the tip of the iceberg. If you would like to know more on the topic of social media for your luxury brand, please get in touch.