Hyster Promises Global Big Truck Productivity

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To serve heavy industry customers across the world Hyster Company is now offering its Big Truck range compliant with three different emissions regulations, with no compromise on productivity.

Hyster Promises Global Big Truck Productivity

“Hyster® Lift Trucks over 8 tonnes, Container Handlers and ReachStackers can all be purchased to comply with either Stage III / Tier 3, Stage IV / Tier 4 or Stage V emissions regulations, depending on local rules and requirements,” confirms Jan Willem van den Brand, Director Big Truck Product Strategy & Solutions at Hyster Europe.

“For our US customers, and those in regions requiring Stage IV / Tier 4 compliant trucks, we provide highly efficient Cummins engines delivering fast cycle times,” he says. “For European countries, we have maintained these exceptional productivity levels whilst meeting Stage V emissions regulations.”

“In fact, our new Stage V models also offer low DEF (Diesel Engine Fluid) consumption,” he says, explaining that the addition of DEF is necessary to meet the Stage V regulations.

High performing engines with high torque values at low RPM ranges are used for all global applications. Across the Big Truck range, this has enabled Hyster to tune each truck, and the hydraulics, to run at a lower engine speed, further optimising the balance between fuel consumption and productivity.

For those requiring Stage V-compliant equipment, new Hyster® lift trucks over 8 tonnes, Container Handlers and Reachstackers will be equipped accordingly with the Stage V-compliant Mercedes-Benz Series 1000 and 1100 engines. The exact availability varies per series.

For European customers, Stage V engines are a requirement for new 20-52T Hyster® trucks, purchased after 1st January 2019 and new 8-18T trucks bought after 1st January 2020. Stage IV engines may be supplied with trucks ordered before these deadlines in line with the exception rule.

For the Chinese market, Hyster continues to offer China Stage III compliant engines but will look to supply equipment to comply with the forthcoming China Stage IV regulations in future.

“Wherever our customers are located in the world, Hyster® Big Trucks will provide exceptional productivity levels and help reduce the total cost of operation,” Jan Willem says. “Whether it’s handling containers in a Swiss rail terminal, hot metal slabs in a Turkish steel works or paper rolls in California, we deliver.”

For more information, visit www.hyster.eu.