Hyster Optimises Container Repair Yard Handling

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To make the inspection process of an empty shipping container faster, Hyster Europe has introduced a spreader support device option for its Empty Container Handlers. The company is also offering a Lift Truck with an attachment that can easily move a 40ft container into a workshop with narrow doors, and then rotate it.

Hyster Optimises Container Repair Yard Handling

“To help them remain competitive, in container inspection, maintenance and repair operations, the visual inspection of empty containers needs to be as efficient as possible,” says Chris van de Werdt, Product Strategy Manager EMEA Big Trucks for Hyster Europe.

Hyster Europe has developed a spreader support device for its Empty Container Handlers that helps eliminate a stage in the inspection process.

“With the spreader support device, containers no longer need to be set down for inspection, enabling checkers to quickly inspect the containers thoroughly,” he says. “The inspection process involves examining the container for damage, including the underside, and the process has health and safety risks if the container is not suitably held in position.”

By using the Hyster® spreader support device, the spreader holding the container is firmly locked in place at a height of about 1.80metres. At the touch of a button in the cab, the operator activates the support device which secures the spreader with mechanical locks from both sides of the mast.

The mechanical locks prevent the spreader and container from dropping. Furthermore, the moment the spreader support device is extended, the operator cannot drive or move the truck until it is de-activated following the inspection.

“A monitor indicates to the checker that the spreader is fixed and the container stabilised,” Chris says. “Whether it is a dry container or the inspection of a reefer for food transportation or pharmaceuticals, this device helps significantly reduce the inspection time.”

The solution is available on models from the Hyster® H8XM-EC6 – H11XM-ECD9 series of Empty Container Handlers for the inspection of 20, 40 and 45ft sea containers.

Moving containers into the workshop on the short end

Hyster Europe has also developed a solution to lift containers from the ‘short’ end, enabling them to be easily and quickly moved into repair workshops. A special container rotator attachment fitted to a heavy-duty Hyster® Lift Truck can lift a dry container or reefer into an indoor facility with doors just slightly wider than the front axle of the truck. Inside the workshop the attachment allows the containers to be conveniently placed into a row ready for repair. After repair, the containers can be removed in any order regardless of their position in the row.

“When engineers need to repair the roof or the bottom of a container, they normally have to work on top or underneath it. However, this attachment can rotate the container allowing them to work on these areas as if they were the side of the container, which is far more easily accessed,” says Chris. “This makes repairs and maintenance easier and more efficient, helping to increase productivity and contributing to overall safety.”

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