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At IMHX 2019 in Birmingham, UK, from 24 – 27 September, Hyster Europe will be showcasing its 360-degree solutions for logistics operations, including those to support the construction materials and paper supply chains.

Hyster Introduces “Damage Avoidance” Solutions for Handling Paper Reels

At the event, experts from Hyster Europe, and its UK dealer Briggs Equipment, will be on hand to discuss how to manage costs and optimise operational efficiency by matching the right Hyster® trucks and solutions to application specific materials handling needs.

360-degree solutions for construction materials handling

Whether operations are handling bricks, blocks, aggregates, concrete precast or other building materials, dusty, dirty working conditions are the norm, so the driver experience matters. Hyster® lift trucks use intelligent design to assist operators, with ergonomically designed cabs that provide good driver awareness as standard, alongside, flashing beacons, back-up alarms and reflective markings. Flashing front/reverse lights and pedestrian awareness spot lights may be used to further support awareness.

At IMHX, a Hyster® Fortens™ lift truck with a 3.5 tonne capacity will be on display, fitted with additional features to further support driver awareness. This includes Hyster® object detection solutions to help support drivers in identifying nearby hazards, in turn potentially avoiding costly damage, and Hyster® camera systems, which may help support visibility in certain applications, making it possible to view the immediate area surrounding a truck and the load.

Hyster Europe also offers a range of mobile weighing solutions so operators can accurately weigh loads during transport, rather than transporting each load to a static scale, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency. To further support efficient operations in the construction materials supply chain, the Hyster® solutions team can combine the weighing system with speed limitation technology.

With either roof sensing speed limitation, or RFID speed limitation located in the warehouse floor, applications can automatically restrict the speed of the trucks when loads reach a certain weight. This can in turn help minimise damage to the truck, load or warehouse infrastructure.

360-degree solutions for the paper industry

In busy paper handling operations, intelligent lift truck design is essential for preventing load damage and maximising reliability. Hyster® lift trucks include innovative features to keep paper moving through the supply chain, preventing product contamination and wrapper damage while minimising the damage caused by shock loads.

An ideal truck model in paper handling applications is the intelligently designed Hyster® J5.5XN-6 electric lift truck, which will be on display at IMHX. This powerful, high capacity electric forklift provides excellent manoeuvrability in the tight confines of paper production and storage applications, alongside a low cost of operation.

The model that visitors to IMHX can see has also been specially adapted to meet the needs of customers in the paper industry. It features a custom mast that includes a variable spacer to enable paper rolls to be handled using a reel clamp attachment without the shift in load centre or reduction in residual capacity that can be encountered.

360-degree service and support

The global network of local Hyster® distribution partners, such as Briggs Equipment, provide full service and support, adapting to the needs of specific industries and application. From providing guidance on reducing maintenance or fuel costs and optimal fleet management, to after-sales service to maximise uptime and productivity, Hyster® dealers have 360-degree expertise to enhance demanding materials handling operations.

Learn more from Hyster Europe at stand 19K120 at IMHX or visit Hyster® distribution partner Briggs Equipment at stand 19K125.

IMHX takes place at the NEC, Birmingham, UK, from 24 – 27 September 2019.

It is the UK’s largest logistics exhibition and acts as a meeting place for those involved in the handling, movement or transportation of goods throughout the supply chain. To book a free ticket to attend IMHX, visit www.imhx.net .

For more information on 360-degree Hyster® solutions for materials handling or the Hyster® Fortens™ lift truck series, visit www.hyster.eu or www.briggsequipment.co.uk .