HPC’s White Paper offers guidance on Fixed vs Variable Speed Drive Screw Compressors

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While some compressed air providers will advocate the use of Variable Speed Drive (VSD) screw compressors in all applications, a new White Paper authored by HPC challenges this assumption.

In its White Paper, titled ‘Fixed Speed Drive vs Variable Speed Drive Screw Compressors’, HPC explains that VSD screw compressors are not the one-size-fits-all compressed air solution that VSD proponents would have customers believe.

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“It is vital to analyse your own compressed air demands to determine whether a Fixed Speed Screw Compressor, VSD Screw Compressor, or a combination of the two is right for your application,” says Mathew Gould, National Distributor Manager at HPC Compressed Air Systems. “In many cases, VSD Compressors may not be the most efficient or cost-effective choice.

“HPC understands that selecting the right compressor(s) for a facility’s compressed air demands is crucial. That’s why we have created a free White Paper on the difference between Fixed Speed Screw Compressors and VSD Screw Compressors.”

HPC’s White Paper covers some of the most important considerations when choosing the right compressor for your needs, including:

  • The differences between Fixed Speed and VSD Rotary Screw Compressors
  • How Fixed Speed & VSD Screw Compressors work
  • Which type of Screw Compressor is the most efficient (and under what conditions)
  • VSD Harmonics
  • Motor energy losses
  • Specific Power variances
  • Energy savings
  • The value in Compressed Air Energy Audits.

“The key to a compressor’s efficiency is its Specific Power”, continues Gould. “This means the compressor’s complete package and compressed air system needs to be considered to ensure the most efficient solution.”

To ensure this, the White Paper recommends an Air Demand Analysis (ADA) is completed to determine the customers individual air requirements.

“This enables customers to identify the most economical and efficient configuration, whether that is a single or multiple Fixed Speed solution, a VSD solution, or a combination of the two,” concludes HPC’s Gould.

To download the ‘‘Fixed Speed Drive vs. Variable Speed Drive Screw Compressors’ White Paper, visit: https://www.hpccompressors.co.uk/media/159806/hpc-report-fixed-speed-drive-vs-variable-speed-drive-screw-compressors-2.pdf

Find out more about HPC’s compressed air solutions and other services by visiting www.hpccompressors.co.uk.