Expanding Hyster® Stacker Range for Diverse Industry Needs

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As several new Stacker options launch alongside existing models, Hyster Europe is supporting diverse handling activities in many different warehousing applications. The Hyster® brand now offers one of the largest ranges of Stacker trucks. Monica Radavelli, Product Manager Warehouse for Hyster Europe explains.

Regardless of the type of industry, the main activities in any warehouse are centred around receiving and storing loads, picking and preparing items, and transporting goods to their destination. For maximum efficiency, warehouses need to make the right product available at the right place and the right time, and that relies on the right choice of truck.

Choosing the right stacker

Stacker-StraddleStacker trucks can be used at different points throughout an operation. Though most are commonly used at the storage stage, some are used for receiving and expediting goods on the loading bay and others for order picking. The choice of Stacker for warehouses depends on different factors within the application, such as intensity or frequency, load type, weight and size, lifting heights, distance travelled, aisle dimensions or available space.

Hyster Europe has recently extended its range of Stacker trucks to give warehouse and logistics applications more opportunities to match their equipment to their specific application needs.

Latest Hyster® Platform Stacker Truck

The latest Hyster® Platform Stacker series is an ideal choice for applications looking to transport stock, or other items, over short to medium distances. Capable of reaching heights up to 6 metres and lifting up to 2 tonnes, these tough trucks are particularly well suited for retail, manufacturing, distribution centre or warehouse environments.

With a choice of mast options, the tough S1.2-2.0S series helps support activities such as line feed operations, internal load transfer from end of line to shelves and other general stacking operations. The initial lift models, with additional double pallet option, are also ideal for transporting double pallet configurations and may be suited for use in areas with uneven floors or on ramps.

The eight Platform Stacker trucks can also be customised to meet specific applications needs, with adjustable performance settings, options for cold store operations, a wide range of drive wheels, several fork lengths, Pedestrian Awareness Lights, battery options, and more.

A lack of space is often a challenge in retail and warehousing operations, so all the models in the new Platform Stacker series have a compact design which allows easy manoeuvring in small aisle widths.

With optimal visibility, thanks to smart positioning of the mast and lift cylinders, the new Hyster® Platform Stacker enhances operator comfort. The large platform, foldable for convenience, is robust with excellent grip, while the side arms are designed for both protection and comfort.

New Hyster® UT Stacker Truck

Hyster Europe has extended its range of warehouse equipment with the launch of the new Hyster® S1.5UT Pedestrian Stacker truck which meets the needs of many stacking operations, and some picking activities.

The affordable truck suits applications with short travel distances or low stacking heights. The new UT range offers different mast options, including a 2-stage NFL up to 3.5m and 3-stage FFL up to 5.6m.

Hyster® Rider Stacker

Stacker-InitialPopular in grocery retail and manufacturing operations, the Hyster® Rider Stacker is a combined stand-on and seated truck built on a compact chassis, making it ideal for small warehouses with narrow aisles. Despite being designed for operation in tight spaces, this truck is robust and ideal for block stacking, with lift heights of up to 6m and load capacity of up to 1.6 tonnes. With a patented ergonomic seat design, it is well suited for horizontal load transfer over both short and long distances, keeping operators comfortable.

Stackers for ‘non-standard’ loads

The Hyster® stacker range also provides many options for warehouses handling loads that do not conform to standard pallet configurations. For instance, the Hyster® Pedestrian Stacker with Straddle Legs enables operations to handle pallets with bottom boards and stillages, as well as to use class II attachments. For optimum flexibility, the straddle legs can be adjusted, making one truck suitable for many different load types of up to 1.6-tonnes.

In some logistics applications, pallets may be double stacked to maximise the payload transported. To meet this need, the Hyster® Platform Double Stacker can be used for loading or unloading double stacked pallets directly in, or out, of a trailer and transporting these double pallets in the warehouse. The truck, which can lift loads of up to 2 tonnes, has a foldable platform which may optimise operator comfort when travel over longer distances is required.

Special solutions for Hyster® Stackers

While the range of Hyster® stackers is now one of the largest available, the Hyster Special Engineering Team can also provide solutions for applications with particular or unique requirements.

For instance, corrosion protection can be added to the stacker forks to help reduce the possibility of paint chipping. This supports food or pharmaceutical operations which demand high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Similarly, for those operations which require high level stacking, the Hyster® Rider Stacker can be engineered with a high lift mast, enabling lift heights up to 6580mm.

Support for your warehouse operations

The warehouse provides the space and time resources that can make a business productive and profitable. Hyster® stacker trucks are highly reliable for efficient operations and a low cost of ownership. The global network of local Hyster® distribution partners also provides expert service and support, to ensure that the right stackers are selected for the application’s needs, and that uptime is maximised once the trucks are in operation.

To find your local Hyster® dealer or for more information visit www.hyster.com.