Clearer view on the updated 8-16T Hyster® Lift Truck

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Hyster Europe has launched an updated 8 to 16-tonne capacity lift truck. The most universal to date, the latest heavy-duty models provide optimal visibility, strength and reliability, making handling and transportation easier than ever.


“The Hyster® H8-16XM range now has a completely new mast and carriage giving fast attachment exchange as well as optimum visibility of the forks, the attachment, and the load,” says Chris van de Werdt, Product Strategy Manager – Big Trucks, Hyster Europe.

The innovative mast design is reported to offer added strength, and the intelligent design has increased the residual capacity on each truck by at least 400kg for the side shift pin type carriage. The new range of 2-stage masts, and extended range of pin or hook type carriages, are available on the H8-12XM-6, H13-16XM-6 and H10XM-12 models.

“With a wide range of options and attachments, these trucks can be customised for the needs of any type of application, such as metal handling, construction materials or paper handling,” says Chris, explaining that there is now more space between mast channels giving enhanced visibility of the attachment and load.

The chains have also moved to the outside of the mast and the new carriages have slimline top bars with an intelligently located valve block.

“Now, operators can look through and over the carriage  which helps provide ideal levels of visibility for ground level and lorry bed height manoeuvres,” he says. The more open design results in less weight on the carriage and reduces “lost” load centres by getting the load closer to the truck.

For users that need to change attachments quickly, the dual function sideshift and fork positioning carriage (DFSSFP) with hook type mounting allows for quick disconnect giving greater flexibility.  General stevedoring operations, for example, will find this truck easy to use when they need to switch from handling steel, to timber, to general cargo.

“Rental companies will also benefit from a fast, simple preparation process to meet the needs of their customers, whatever the industry,” Chris says.  “They will also find the truck easy to transport.”

The closed mast height has been lowered and there is also the option to increase the forward tilt of the mast to 27 degrees for transport, instead of the standard 15 degrees tilt. This can further reduce the height of the mast by up to 310 mm for ease of transport. Furthermore, the 13-16-tonne models have a reduced width of 2.54m. With the entire range less than 2.55m wide, road transportation in Europe is simplified.

The updates enable the popular 8-16-tonne Hyster® truck range to offer continued durability and reliability. For instance, the new carriages feature heavy-duty wear pads and the variable roller lap design significantly reduces load roller forces resulting in even longer roller life. The mast channel J-profile also provides added rigidity and effective mast mounting.

“The robust frame helps give ‘rock solid’ stability and long-term durability when handling loads at full capacity,” says Chris. “The trucks achieve impressive lift speeds averaging between 0.40m/s and 0.69m/s with full nominal capacity up to 6250mm.”

The Stage IV compliant Cummins engines produce lower emissions and offer excellent fuel economy, significantly reducing lifetime costs. They also feature performance optimisation features, such as cooling on demand, load sensing hydraulics (power on demand), RPM management and alternate engine idle speed to help further reduce the total fuel consumption in most tough applications.

Lifetime costs are kept low with easy service access and Hyster Europe has focused on scheduled maintenance to prevent unplanned downtime. A low oil temperature of a maximum 88 degrees C reduces the risk of experiencing brittle components, like hoses and seals. As there are only 2 hydraulic hoses over the mast regardless of the number of functions required on the carriage, the risk of hydraulic leakage is also reduced. A 10,000 hours oil service interval, subject to oil sampling, is recommended.

There are also many new options. For example, to optimise visibility at night, 4 mast mounted work lights are now available, rather than 2 mounted on the fender, and a rear-view camera can be added.

“These trucks are built for extreme ambient temperatures from -18 degrees C up to 50 degrees C for the diverse and challenging needs of heavy industry anywhere in the world,” adds Chris.

The new range is supported by the Hyster® network of dealers. For more information visit