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Choosing the right CMSChoosing the correct content management system (CMS) is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to your content marketing campaign. It will be at the core of everything you create. 

There are plenty of content management systems available, depending on the purpose of your website, your needs and budget. We believe that WordPress is perfect for most websites. For example, if you want:

  • Multiple languages
  • Great SEO
  • Shopping cart
  • Easy updates
  • Management from multiple locations
  • Fast templating
  • No monthly or annual fees for the CM
  • Cloud-hosted or on-premises CMS

A cloud hosted or on-premises CMS is when you’re able to install software directly on servers, either yours or a hosts. WordPress is a good example of this. The provider of the CMS will be responsible for providing the software updates as necessary, and either yourself or your developer will be responsible for installing it and ensuring it’s up to date and secure.

WordPress is considered to be user-friendly due to the relatively simple updates process. Because of this, it’s believed that you can get a WordPress site ranking more quickly compared to a static site. It’s range of themes allow for the website to be altered fairly speedily and a variety of over 10,000 plugins from social media sharing to photo slideshows and SEO extend site functionality without the need for programming. Although it is important not to bloat the site with plugins.

Joomla is another example of a CMS and is intended for more complex sites and has a more organisationally structured backend. Similar to themes, Joomla provides templates to allow for more versatility and freedom when it comes to design. Joomla has the ability to provide multi-lingual support and also offers a wide variety of extensions allowing for unique user functionality.

Magento is a popular platform in e-commerce due to its control and flexibility to cater to unique business needs, along with features such as multi-store management, mobile commerce, business reports and more.

Software as a Service Solution (SaaS) CMS

A Software as a Service Solution (SaaS) CMS solution works similarly to other SaaS tools like Google Docs or Gmail. You usually have the option to buy a subscription and pay on a monthly basis for usage.

Nothing needs to be installed, updated or maintained, with the CMS provider taking care of all technical issues so you’re able to focus on the creation and management of your content. As the software is pre-built, you’re able to benefit from ongoing enhancements and developments made by the supplier.

An example of a SaaS CMS solution is CrownPeak.

Worthing web design – Molokini can help

If you are looking for a company to help build a new website with custom functionality, that looks great, works really well on search engines and is easy to update, the expert team at Molokini can help.

We make it easy for you to update your website, putting you in firm control of your content. Molokini develops and supports industry standard solutions using WordPress and Joomla content management systems, and eCommerce including Magento and WooCommerce. We can also develop CrownPeak websites.