Abbey Logistics Group boosts efficiency with LGV Instructor training from RTITB Instructor Academy

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Abbey Logistics Group, one of the UK’s most recognised bulk road tanker companies, has upskilled its Lead Drivers with high quality LGV Fleet Instructor training at the RTITB Instructor Academy, increasing both Instructor confidence and training efficiency.

Abbey Logistics Group boosts efficiency with LGV Instructor training from RTITB Instructor Academy

With a nationwide depot network, Abbey Logistics Group employs around 380 LGV drivers with five regional trainers and eight Lead Drivers with training responsibilities. It is the UK’s largest bulk liquid and powder food transport provider, serving some of Europe’s largest manufacturers, as well as many other industries.

“Transporting materials in tanks is very specialist so our LGV drivers require long inductions,” says Matthew Parry, Driver Training Manager for Abbey Logistics Group. “With the LGV Fleet Instructor course from the RTITB Instructor Academy, we’ve been able to train our Lead Drivers with the relevant knowledge to get our new recruits up to standard in a cost effective and time-efficient way.”

The LGV Fleet Instructor Course was introduced by the RTITB Instructor Academy in 2018 to meet the demands of the industry. It is designed to equip candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver LGV driver inductions, carry out driving assessments and deliver Driver CPC Periodic Training as well as remedial driver training. So far, eight of Abbey Logistics Group’s Lead Drivers have undertaken the course, with training planned for four others in the coming months.

With Lead Drivers trained to Instructor level, Abbey Logistics Group has a team of people in each depot that can see how drivers perform day to day and actively take a role in maintaining standards or intervening when necessary. Lead Drivers are also skilled to provide both in-cab and classroom training and to conduct important assessments, such as following up after absences.

“The RTITB Instructor Academy course gives our Lead Drivers greater confidence for delivering classroom training, as well as the skills for keeping their trainees engaged,” says Matthew. “Feedback has universally been that the LGV Fleet Instructor course is enjoyable.”

“The RTITB Instructor Academy approach to training is about confidence as well as competence,” explains Simon Docherty, RTITB Instructor Academy Manager. “Being an Instructor is about more than just ‘knowing your stuff’ so our courses coach candidates in the skills and knowledge they will really need to deliver exceptional workplace transport training.”

Previously, Abbey Logistics Group outsourced a lot of classroom training. However, with Lead Drivers trained at the RTITB Instructor Academy, they can now deliver better quality training which more fully encompasses company values and knowledge of its specific operation. Working with the RTITB Instructor Academy has also proved more time and cost efficient than developing their own LGV Fleet Instructor course.

“All our Instructor courses are designed to help transport and logistics businesses to achieve the measurable benefits of delivering the right training, from cuttings costs to improving safety,” says Simon. “What’s more, all candidates on our courses must complete an independent, internationally recognised examination to become qualified, keeping standards high and supporting compliance.”

The RTITB Instructor Academy is completely focused on delivering workplace transport ‘train-the-trainer’ and assessor courses, with Instructors who all come with years of real-world transport and logistics experience. As well as the LGV Fleet Instructor course, it offers a wide range of training which can be delivered at its custom facility in the West Midlands, UK, or on customer site, with both practical and theory elements.

“With the RTITB Instructor Academy, you get the best training for your Instructors, and in turn, the best training for your drivers. This has benefitted our business, creating safer, more efficient drivers and helping us to reduce costs,” says Matthew. “That’s why it is always my first choice for train the trainer courses.”