Specialising in PR for Logistics, Materials Handling, Manufacturing, Construction, Energy Supply Chain, Safety, Luxury Brands and more.

Molokini PR increases visibility and tells your story through a combination of:

  • Copywriting & Proofing
  • We believe that good PR and marketing is a two-way conversation between you and your customers and/or prospects. That conversation, shared over a variety of platforms, can help your business grow. With this mindset, Molokini ensures that you are saying what you mean with words that engage and motivate. We take the time to understand your voice, audience and goals, and with creative minds and excellent use of the English language, we create written words that keep your story fresh.

  • International Media Relations
  • For over ten years, Molokini has cultivated professional relationships with journalists, influencers, and publishers across many industries and regions. We match your news with the right publisher, and seek suitable features and interviews to earn you coverage. We can do this in multiple languages and can combine this service with digital marketing activities (SEO, social media, news page updates etc...).

  • Awards
  • Using a targeted approach, Molokini can help to elevate and showcase your company's reputation, to celebrate thought leadership, innovative products, exceptional staff, or anything else noteworthy. The Molokini awards service includes nomination drafting, submission and tracking and more.

  • Acquisitions / Crisis / Internal Communications
  • Business change, acquisitions, plant closures, staff changes, crisis and other situations all require a proactive and hyper-vigilant approach to audience relations. Planning and control is essential. Molokini can help.

  • Events
  • Molokini never underestimates the power of offline engagement, facetime and networking to help strengthen relationships and build referrals. This is especially true in the industrial markets. We understand that events are a significant investment of both time and resources, so we help to create unique experiences that draw in the crowd and leave lasting impressions.