How we combine client webinars with digital marketing

Written by Jude Mitcham
Written on Monday, 30 January 2012

Combining client webinars with digital marketing

Combining client webinars with digital marketing

‘Digital Marketing’ has become something of a ‘buzzword’ in our industry, so we wanted to talk about how important it is to us as a tool to support our client’s webinar programme.

Barloworld Supply Chain Software holds regular webinars to help businesses understand various challenges faced in the supply chain and ways to overcome them.

Delegates are invited to the webinars via EDM (electronic direct mail / email for short), with an overview of the key message. The invitation is extended to the LinkedIn community – specifically to members of the product specific groups set up for Barloworld SCS, so for each webinar the invitation is tailored to those who have already expressed an interested in the subject.

The webinar and its key messages are then shared with a wider audience via Twitter, our client’s website, Molokini’s website and then through various PR channels, until the message has been communicated to as many as possible.

The webinar in itself is also an excellent Digital Marketing activity, providing information to limitless numbers of people and businesses around the world via the internet.

Digital marketing is a constantly growing and developing tool and an effective method of communication.

The latest Barloworld SCS webinar, presented by Nick Newby-Ricci of Barloworld Supply Chain Software on Wednesday 1 February is titled Improving shareholder value with multi-echelon inventory optimisation.

Molokini will be recording the webinar and it will be available to view online after the event. Here’s one of the previous webinars.

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